Treo 650 Ringtones

. Treo New Zealanders can now buy a Palm smart phone running Windows Mobile 5.0 in their own country, the handset maker has announced. Middle Earth's main telco, Telecom New Zealand, has now begun offering the EvDO-equipped Treo 700wx.… Treo 650 Ringtones . was designed to be an entry-level PDA phone on the cheap, but I never thought they would literally be giving the thing away. The latest rumor has Cingular "selling" the smartphone free of charge. Treo 650 Ringtones Bell Canada's High-speed Mobile Network. of cars or homes, but of his "smart phone." Hooked on the convenience of a cellphone that's also a mini PC, calendar and address book, the Virginia social worker just bought his sixth Treo smart phone. And before advertising his old model for sale online, he... Treo 650 Ringtones